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"> Will love leaves us more broken than before?

Will love leaves us more broken than before?

Melissa/15/Ballet/Rock and Metal/ Read and listen music/Coffee and cinnamon rolls *-*
-Love and emotions are only in our minds so don´t worry if someone breaks your heart"
-Everything in life is temporary, moments, people, and feelings so do not get use to   something or someone that will go soon ...
-I am definitely not the typical teenager that her dream is to find a perfect love cause,so young I learned that that shit doens´t exist .
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Yo tambien quize que todos se congelaran y asi robarme muchas cosas de las tiendas

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Y al final me doy cuenta de que todos juegan conmigo… y de que no significo nada para nadie…

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Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Admiro a la gente que vive sin problemas, que mira el mundo con despreocupación. A diferencia de ellos, yo sufro más de la cuenta
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